About Us

Who we are


Credit Risk Scorecards is a consulting firm with expertise in credit and behavioral scorecard development. We are credit scoring professionals with a passion for this art, and our mission is to teach you how to develop these models so you'll be well-equipped to tackle your toughest business challenges. Our scorecard training is top-notch! For those of you outsourcing your scoring projects, stop throwing money at the problem and start building your own models—let us teach you how!

Our mission


 Our mission is to teach you the art and science of scorecard model building, using your data for your next scoring project. Let us "teach you to fish" as we cover each step in the scorecard development process both in depth and interactively. The entire process will make sense to you because we're working with your data, and creating a real scorecard to serve your business needs. Together, we'll cover all the bases and you'll walk away with the education you need and a real scorecard model that's ready for production. You can do this—we'll show you how!   

A special message to consumer lenders


 If your company specializes in consumer lending for small to medium sized loans, it's time to bring credit and behavioral scoring practices in house. Contact us to learn how scoring can improve your bottom line. Use behavioral scores to identify high risk debtors before early-stage delinquency turns into late-stage delinquency, or worse! Take control of your collections practices with empirical scores driving your efforts. It's not just for big banks anymore—custom scoring is available for everyone!