Application Scorecards

An applicant scorecard can be a sole arbiter (standalone decision tool), or a decision support tool in the loan qualification and decision process. Often, two or more scorecards are created that work together either alone or in conjunction with criteria-based tests to decide who to approve, decline, or pass-through to an analyst for human decisioning. Scorecards can also play a role in product tier selection, APR and term selection, fee selection, setting the max qualified payment amount, establishing a credit limit, and other factors that go along with approving an applicant for credit.

Scorecards are made for speed and automation. With scores, you can automatically decide thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of applicants in near-real time, with accuracy, control, and efficiency! Let show you how to build these tools and start using empirically derived scorecard models to help automate and improve the accuracy of your loan granting policies and procedures. Contact us today!   


Collections Scorecards

Scorecards have revolutionized the collections process in recent years. Scorecards can predict with significant accuracy when early-stage delinquent accounts will likely roll into deeper delinquency, self-cure, or declare bankruptcy (among other possible outcomes). Armed with this knowledge, you can establish different collections strategies for each class of delinquent accounts (e.g., send a letter, launch a virtual call campaign, or call on the dialer in predictive mode vs. preview mode). Perhaps you want to know which of your delinquent accounts you should assign to repossession or foreclosure; or which of your charge-off accounts you should try to collect yourself vs. which you're better off selling to a collection agency. Scorecards can help with all of these decisions and so much more.

Use scorecards to develop your own champion/challenger campaigns to continually improve your processes over time. We'll show you how and hold your hand through the entire process. Remember, is first and foremost a consulting firm with a team of talented model developers and educators. Our model development techniques follow industry best practice methodologies. We'll teach you to be self-sufficient, and in charge of your own destiny. Bringing custom-scorecard development in-house is perhaps the most valuable and cost-effective skill you could ever introduce to your organization. Contact today to learn more! 


Marketing Scorecards

Want to optimize the response on your next mailer? Scorecards are the answer! We'll teach you how to discover the traits of your most profitable, most responsive customers—and we'll build a scorecard model that targets consumers that meet those exact qualities. This is the best way to maximize your advertising dollars and is exactly how the most successful marketers in the nation do it. Once again, scorecards are the answer!

Armed with this knowledge, you'll be equipped to build new scorecards with every mailer to continually tap into the predictive behavioral qualities of your most recent responders. 

We'll show you how to produce multiple tiers of potential target segments, with each tier consisting of a successively more "responsive" group of potential leads. If you're on a tight marketing budget, then choose only the highest scoring segment to maximize the response rate for the least amount of advertising dollars. Combine a mailer scorecard with a pre-pay scorecard and you'll discover fantastic cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to maximize customer retention.